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I recently stayed at the Elizabethan Inn.  I had several complaints which I complied into a letter and sent to them as well as the Better Business Bureau.  I have attached the letter.  I then received a nasty email from an employee there as well as a very rude phone call from the inn’s manager.  The email and my response are below


From: elizabethaninn <elizabethaninn@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, Oct 2, 2010 at 11:56 PM


Ms Rachel Riddle Davis,


My name is Virginia Lawhorne. I am the clerk who worked at the Elizabethan Inn, and checked you in on September 25th. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I left a motel on the beach after 20 years because the new manager was physically abusive. After being unemployed a few months, I found a job where managements’ only way of boosting their own ego was by belittling their employees on a daily basis. Then I was fortunate enough to come to the Elizabethan Inn. Management not only cares about the property and their guests, but their employees as well. These are the nicest people I have ever worked for. For me, it was an ideal situation. I was doing what I enjoy with people who appreciated my efforts.

Now we come to you. When I checked you in, you seemed like a very nice young couple. You had a problem with the odor in the room you were assigned. I let you look at another room, and offered to let you see a third, but you decided to stay where you were. Do I need to remind you that these were pet rooms and you had a dog? Yesterday, I received a call from your credit card company saying your “room had been broken into, there was no one in the office after midnight and you didn’t want to pay for your room”. Today my manager received a letter from you saying that your room had been broken into and you called the desk at  9 o’clock. You said you didn’t get an answer. Then apparently you called back and I supposedly told you I was having dinner when you didn’t get an answer.


I never spoke to you after you decided not to change rooms. At 9 pm, I was busy renting rooms and checking in people with reservations. The computer proves that I checked in people at 8:53 pm, 8:56 pm, 8:59 pm, 9 pm, 9:02 pm 9:06 pm, 9:11 pm, etc. The computer backs me up. Where is your proof? Also, I was here until well after midnight. Another clerk arrived at 11pm and was here in the office until nearly 1 am. Even though the sign on the door clearly states the office hours, we were here late trying to accommodate our guests. Also, Lydia manned the phones all night long and told me the next day that her phone never rang all night. If your room was broken into, you should have notified us. We would have called the police. If you couldn’t reach us, you should have called the police. By the way, electronic locks leave a trail.  We can run a report that tells us when the door was opened and by which key, and not only when the key was made, but who made it. If your room was broken into, you must have left your door open, because the report shows that no other keys were used in the lock besides those  I made for you.

Now, my boss has given me notice because “the customer is always right”. Except when the customer lies to get out of paying for their room! Now, you have cost me my job! I hope you are proud of yourself! If you have any conscience at all, you will call my boss, Rajan Patel 1-252-473-2101 and confess that you lied and ask him to give me back my job. If not, you will prove that I am not as good a judge of character as I thought I was.

 I’m 58, unemployed, in an economy where jobs are few and hard to come by. Not to mention, this area runs by seasons, and the season for this year is over!  You tell me; what are my chances? I sincerely hope you will do the right thing.


Virginia Lawhorne

From: Matthew Davis <
Date: Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 10:49 AM
To: elizabethaninn <


Mrs Lawhorne,

I do not believe that you have all the information correct.  If I remember you correctly you were very nice and helpful with the ordor situation.  The other lady who was also there when you helped me with that, she was older, was also the person that I filed my complaint with upon check out.  I told her about our room getting broken into.  We left for supper that night a little before 7pm and checked the door before we left to make sure that it latched properly.  When we returned from dinner at around 9:15pm the door was wide-open and our dog was distraught and hiding in the room.  She is scared of strangers.  I immediately checked the room and nothing was taken.  I then called the front desk, I believe that it was extension 220,  there was no answer even though I called several times.  I continued to call the front desk until about 10pm.  I did not leave the room since it has already been broken into, I flipped both locks.  I did not call the police because nothing was taken.  At checkout I spoke to the older lady and told her about what happened I also told her that I tried to call the front desk from around 9:15 until about 10.  She told me that she takes dinner from 9:30 until 10.  I asked to file a complaint and asked for a refund.  She was not very helpful at all.  She wrote down my complaint only to do it on the wrong person’s receipt and then tell me that no one can usually read her hand writing including herself.  She then told me that the inn does not give refunds and I would have to take it up with my credit card company.  I have attached the letter that I sent your company for your review so that you know exactly what happened and how it was handled.  I do not appreciate being called a liar and it is extremely unprofessional to do so.  I do not want to get anyone in trouble over this I do not feel after everything that has happened that we should have to pay for this stay.  I will be happy to call your supervisor about this.

Rachel Riddle



Rachel A. Riddle

Bachelors in Business Administration

Marketing and Human Resource Management

Phone:  252-717-4336

Email:  rar8577@embarqmail.com


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