Hotel Nevada, Blackpool, UK

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15 February 2010
Regarding Hotel Nevada, Blackpool, UK


I wanted to surprise my wife with a short getaway for Valentine’s Weekend in Blackpool, UK.  I trawled through the dozens of hotels in the area, listed in I chose Nevada Hotel because it looked nice from the photos and was in the right area of Blackpool but most because they advertised that they do vegetarian breakfast. It was a little more than I was expecting to pay but I thought since it was a special weekend, I would be willing to pay that little extra. I booked a en-suite room and vegetarian breakfast for two almost a fortnight prior to arrival. 

We arrived on Friday afternoon and were surprised to see how small our room was.  There was no bedside table or lamp on one side of the bed.  However, we thought it was okay because it was clean and the bedding smelled fresh.  However, we soon noticed that there were no hand towels or loo roll and the bathmat was filthy.  Furthermore, there were no rails or hooks to hang the towels on.


All these things seemed totally insignificant and not worth complaining about so we just ignored it.  Later on we found that the mattress was extremely old and all the springs could be felt through the thin sheets.  After having had very little sleep on the most uncomfortable bed that either of us had ever slept on, we were eager to get ready to go down for breakfast.


I had a shower, which was almost not worth calling a shower as the water trickled out and turned freezing cold half-way thorough.  I panicked as the soap was stinging me and tried all different ways to get the water to come back on again with no avail.  It didn’t make any difference whether I turned it off and back on again or let it run a long time.  My wife tried to assist me by running some hot water into the sink but there was no hot water coming out from the tap either.  Luckily we had recently boiled the kettle so she managed, with the aid of a cup to get the soap off me.  By this time I was suffering from shock and shivered uncontrollably.


We went down to breakfast five minutes early so that we can discuss the problems with the shower and the bed with the proprietor’s before the other guests arrive so that they wouldn’t have the embarrassment of other guests listening in.  However, we got down to the hallway to find the door locked, rang the bell and waited and waited.


Twenty minutes later one of the proprietors’ turned up but in the meantime I had been standing in the cold hallway and started to shiver again.  We were not happy, to say the least.


We told the proprietor about the shower and the bed and asked if we could change to a different room.  She didn’t appear to have a problem with that.


Breakfast arrived and it consisted of one mushroom sliced between the two of us, two spoonfuls of baked beans and an overcooked egg.  My wife had some toast but there was only white bread available so I didn’t touch it.  I was absolutely starving when we left the table.  So much for offering vegetarian breakfast!!!


Whilst we were eating, the proprietor appeared and said she’d been to our room and tried the shower. “There’s nothing wrong with the shower.  There is hot water coming from the shower and from the tap”.  She made us feel as we had made it all up and the offer of another room did not materialise.


Back in the room, my wife decided to have a shower and did manage to get some hot water indeed but it soon went cold again.  We decided not to bother use the shower again as we were going home next day anyway.  We were aware that if we check out from that hotel, we may not be able to get to another hotel due to it being a busy weekend, so we had no choice but to remain there.


However, we did make a note of all the other things that were wrong with the room/hotel.


            Very limited amount of hot water in the shower

            No vegetarian breakfast available, despite of them advertising it on the website

            No toilet rolls or handtowels

            Filthy bath mat

            Nowhere to hang the bath towels

            Bin wasn’t emptied during our stay and there was nowhere to dispose of our rubbish

            Cups were cracked

The curtains were too small for the window so that we had to hang our clothes in the window to cover the gaps

The bedsprings were sticking up from the mattress, making it extremely unconfortable to sleep on it

We asked to change to different room and were totally ignored.  It makes you wonder if the other rooms were even worse?


In order to get a proper breakfast the following night we had to go and purchase our own vegetarian sausages and request the management to cook them for us. However, instead of grilling them, they brought them out deep-fried in fat! At least we had something to eat before our travel home.  I’m not sure if the management felt a little ashamed, or something, but she said that if we had given them more notice, we would have got vegetarian breakfast in the first place.  I told her that actually I had requested the veggie breakfast at the time of the booking and a colleague of mine, confirmed that she heard it as I made the booking from our joint office.  Surely two weeks notice would have been enough?  Clearly, they chose to ignore that too.


Now we want as many people as possible to be warned about the misleading website and poor customer service that Hotel Nevada is broadcasting. 


Please stay away from Hotel Nevada.


Lisa Lymer





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