London the city of contrast!

Jun 10th, 2008 | By | Category: Readers Contributions

Imagine…You are walking down an empty road, which has been perfectly outlined with white lines going across it. You see the sun shining down you, fresh air filling your lungs and there you see the stadium in front of you! It makes you want to jump up and down and put on your running shorts! Is that what you will be feeling? Somehow I have doubts about that because the fact that London will be hosting the Olympics doesn’t necessarily mean that we will beat obesity and become the sports capital of the world!


Even today I can clearly see a lot of contrast between the new flats being built and the same old council flats with the plain window designs. In some way London is becoming modernized and everywhere you go you can find contrasting buildings and points. The way in which the Olympics have been promoted suggests that by 2012 there will be literally no contrasting points in East London. I think that there will be plenty more to come. All these new developments will be surely seen in one part of London but the same old council houses will be left at the same old streets.


Personally when I took a walk down Stratford I didn’t feel any difference present. If I was to state the obvious I would say that the countdown clock is there and the new building sites can be seen from a distance. However to me as a person I don’t feel any different. Everything seems as normal as it could be, for some reason I don’t see everyone taking off and taking a jog to college. Have you seen the Official Olympics website and blog? It’s all filled with happy faces and wonderful stories of how lovely this event is and how exciting the construction of it is!


Realistic views have to be taken in account because to every story there is a down side. The one thing which I’m worried about is the environment being violated. Another thing is the level of pollution rising with the new train connections to every station and even to Paris. Of course this all sounds good but if you think about it will you ever stop to think…where should I go today Hackney or Paris? I wouldn’t even stop and think because with the taxes going up this type of trip will have to be planned. As I’m sure it won’t cost the same as the return ticket to Hackney! But..hey! It’s your choice what to do! Do you want to join or to go against the wind?


By Kate Kayuda



This article is about the Olympics arriving in London and how things are supposed to be better for everyone when in fact things are not as good as they seem to be. I have lived in East London for 3 years and I seriously doubt that anything will change if a few new buildings will be built. The community as a whole needs a major uplifting therefore the debate that I`m trying to have a look at is whether the olympics will change anything or not? Think about it yourself!

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