Rip off London hotels

May 24th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured London Article, London Hotels

London hotels too expensive

Recent weeks has at last seen London hotels start to reconsider their pricing structure and in some cases reduce their rates.

For some time now, many London hoteliers have cashed in on the city‘s popularity by increasing their room rates especially when there is a major event in town and accommodation is scarce.  Standard 3 star hotels have charged as much as 160 GBP a night for a double room when not really worth more than 100 GBP.  The latest trick has been to increase weekend rates because they are the one time user whilst in the week, the hotel depends on return business clients so needs to keep the rates sensible for them.

The main culprits are the 2 and three star tourist hotels who seem to aspire ( in theory ) to being 4 star standard because they have maybe fitted a new carpet or fitted a new bed or new wallaper.  Usually they have borrowed the money from the bank and consequently they pass on that cost to the client in terms of already over inflated room rates.

Its not unusual now to see a good 4 star established London hotel having price parity with a tourist class hotel and in our opinion, you should look for 4 star offers.

The problem in London has been that for the last few years property prices have soared and many overseas investores have identified hotel property as being a good investment.  They purchase the building and the business and use the hotel revenue to finance the upkeep of the building whilst it gains property value over the following several years.  The problem is that many of these investors only care about the end value of the property and so they ignore any refurbishment costs which would of course reduced their bottom line profit on sale of the building.

How many times have we seen complaints about old or even dirty bed furnishings.  Worse still is the growing occurence of bed bugs.  Now lets get this right, bed bugs can appear in any standard of hotel right up to 5 star.  They can be transported not only on the unknowing client but even on a suitcase.  The problem is how they are eradicated once a hotel knows that it has them.  I have been witness to one instance in a  South Kensington hotel.  The poor client was suprisingly calm to say that his clothes and himself were infested and he asked Reception what should be done.  They took care of his clothes by sending everything to the cleaners and picking up the bill so thats OK however their method of sanitising the room consisted of vacuming the carpet and brushing the bed and this is not good enough but economies prevailed.

Now the economy is getting tighter, people are cutting back on that annual or special weekend in London and hotels are just waking up to the fact that maybe the good times are finishing.  Some will panic as they have huge seven figure bank loans, others will sell, but at the end of the day this is all good news for the visitor to London.  In the coming months you will see more sensible prices, especially in July and August when the business traveller is absent from the city.

Look for special offers and reduced rates and check out the 4 star hotels they may be cheaper than you think.

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  1. Hotels are struggling, according to the latest industry data for May occupancy dropped by 5.18 percentage points to 83.13% while average room rate grew by 3.56% to £145.42 compared with £140.42 in the corresponding week of 2007.

  2. Another con by many, if not all the hotels in London is the charges they make for Wi-Fi Internet access… Absolutely criminal at £10-£15 per 24hrs!

  3. I have worked in several London hotels and still do. I am always shocked how people pay any price to stay in London especially in good districts
    I am in Bayswater and people pay up to 130 pounds a night for our 3 star hotel. It is time that the prices became a little lower. We are just robbing the public.

  4. Just spent a weekend with my g/f at a hotel in Kensington.
    I wanted to impress her so I paid almost 300 quid for two nights
    After 2 evenings out in the west end and meals we spent almost 600 and for that sort of money I can get a weeks holiday abroad

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